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Mari Mancusi

Do you love to tell stories? Do you want to be a writer someday? Well, why not get started now, by joining Mari's ONCE AND FUTURE WRITER'S CLUB? 

In a series of videos, Mari talks all about the nuts and bolts of writing stories. From plotting, creating characters, setting, and more. She'll explain how to figure out your personal writing style and how to make it work best for you and how to come up with awesome story ideas for your work. We'll also touch on how to get past writer's block and stay inspired! 

Each episode will have a link to a printable writing worksheet so you can try out what you've just learned! 

Check out the Once and Future Writer's Club website here.

Calling all Creatives! (CONTEST!)

Maybe we can't really pull a sword from a stone and become king or queen of a fantasy kingdom, but we all have our talents! And this is your chance to show off your own--and win a cool prize for doing so! 

​Submit your best Frozen themed artwork and be entered to win. It could be a painting, a photo, a video, a sculpture, a 3D print, a page from a graphic novel, a short story based on the book -- the sky's the limit! The more creative the better! 

In January we will pick three winners who will receive the following prizes: 



THIRD PRIZE: A signed copy of one of Mari's books

Ready to get started? Good! When you're finished, send a picture or link of your work to: 

Calling all Once and Future Writers!