Mari Mancusi

You can find my school visit flyer here. Rates available on request and are negotiable to fit your school's budget. Free visits may be available with guarantee for book sales. Please contact: for more details and scheduling. 

Children's Book Author

Author, Gamer, Cosplayer, Disney Ninja

​I am an experienced, accomplished school speaker and would love to come present to your students. I can do large presentations to the entire student body, classes by grade, or smaller groups -- even book club or writing club visits.

My presentations are perfect for students 2nd grade and up and are educational, motivational, and entertaining. I illustrate the importance having of a growth mindset and how short-term "failure" is an important first step to long-term success. I talk about rejection, revision, and not giving up. And the importance of shutting down "the haters" and not letting them squash your dreams. Using fun, pop-culture references, internet memes and personal pictures and stories from my own childhood, I draw the students in, making them laugh, but also think.