Mari Mancusi


While the game Maddy plays, Fields of Fantasy, is not a real video game, it's loosely based on World of Warcraft and the Final Fantasy series. 

What do you do if your ho-hum real life doesn't live up to your amazing virtual reality?

Maddy's life couldn't get much worse. Her parents split and now she's stuck in a small town and at a new school. Most of the time, she retreats into her manga-style artwork, but when she gets into the Fields of Fantasy online computer game, she knows she's found the one place she can be herself. ​

In the game world, Maddy can be the beautiful and magical Allora and have a virtually perfect life. And she even finds a little romance. But can Maddy escape her real-life problems altogether, or will she have to find a way to make her real world just as amazing as her virtual one?

Chosen by the American Library Association as a QUICK PICK FOR RELUCTANT READERS and for their POPULAR PAPERBACKS list. 

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