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Mari's award-winning Blood Coven Vampires series has been re-released in new updated ebook form with all new covers and super low new prices!! Click here to learn all about the re-release!

The Once and Future Geek 

(Camelot Code Book 1)

A new middle grade fantasy time travel Arthurian series, has been bought by Disney Hyperion for publication in fall 2018! The story follows a young pre-king Arthur who accidentally time travels to the 21st century, Googles himself, realizes his not-so-awesome destiny, and decides he'd rather stay and play football than pull the sword from the stone. Two modern day kids, Sophie and Stu, with a little help from Merlin, must now pull a Camelot-sized caper and right history. 

Cover to come soon! Book release: October 2018

Princesses, Inc.

New Tween Read from Simon & Schuster's Aladdin Mix line

Thirteen-year-old Hailey and her friends form a unique babysitter’s club in order to raise money to see their favorite YouTube star at a local ComicCon in this hilarious M!X novel.

 Hailey and her BFFs are all big fans of Collin Prince, a YouTube star, and swoon-worthy crush. So when the opportunity to meet him at a local Comic-Con comes up, the girls jump at the chance. The problem? The convention isn’t cheap—and the girls don’t have the money to go. But Hailey isn’t ready to give up just yet. In addition to meeting Collin at the convention, there is a young writer’s competition that she is determined to enter—and win.

The girls dream up Princesses and Pirates, Inc., a babysitting service where the girls will dress up in costume to entertain their charges. Of course, they aren’t as prepared as they thought they would be to deal with bratty kids, scheming older siblings (who are less than thrilled that their own babysitting jobs have dried up), and trying to balance their new “jobs” with school. And more responsibilities means less time for Hailey to work on her contest entry. Will their plan to make it to Comic-Con pay off…or could their business end up as shipwrecked as the pirates they portray?

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Save the Dragon. Destroy the World.

Trinity Foxx is used to her grandfather's crazy stories, so she doesn't believe the latest treasure he brought home to their failing West Texas museum is a real dragon's egg. Not until Connor Jacks, a dragon hunter from the future, tells Trinity that the world is about to be wiped out by a fiery dragon war—unless they find a way to stop it.

Save the Dragon. Save the World

But Connor's not the only one after the egg. His twin brother Caleb believes dragons have the power to save mankind and must be protected. Caleb has seen too many dragons destroyed in the war-scorched future—he'll do whatever it takes to save this one. With a host of enemies hot on her heels, Trinity must decide who to believe. Connor the brave solider? Caleb the cocky rebel? Or the baby dragon that's starting to whisper to her...saying they are destined? The fate of the world may depend on her choice.

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